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You know how you feel at the end of a big project?  Staying up all night to finish, so proud, so excited… and then you CRASH.  It’s hard because getting this site up felt like finishing a marathon, but it was just part of the training!

I’ve been writing a lot, but things have to be edited, images found and edited, taking more photos throughout the day, learning how to use a DSLR for original content.  And not everything I write is right for the blog, but sometimes you have to get that stuff on the page and out of your head before continuing on.  It’s clear I am going to have to write most of my posts on the weekends and then schedule them throughout the week.

Also, I’m feeling things out.  As much as I’d love this to be 100% new content, then I’d only post every other week right now while I’m working.  I need to be posting A LOT more than as I figure out a schedule, a voice, a style.

So I’m off to make some more roundups (scouring my pinterest and saved articles in feedly, that was all research, right?) and collections.  But PLEASE feel free to make lots of comments now!  I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to cover, how tightly I want to hold to “celebrations and parties” as a tying theme, how to display my images, EVERYTHING.  Your advice is invaluable.



pesto – the magic fridge food

I am a new pesto convert.  I never have gotten the stuff in a jar, but once I attempted my first recipe, I was shocked at how easy and yummy it is.  And it can be put on bread, so I love it.  Specifically, on my Against-The-Grain baguettes.


What I love, is that while there is traditional basil + pine nuts, I’ve seen recipes all over the place that basically consist of green leaf + nut (times the NECESSARY ingredients of garlic, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil).  This one from Edible Perspective uses those “Super Greens” salad mixes that might be too bitter otherwise but are filled with great nutrition.


This is the one that’s in my fridge right now!  A sad bag of arugula was on its last legs.  Throw in some walnuts from Christmas baking.  BAM.  Delicious.  That’s what I mean about being a magic fridge food.  It takes ingredients you don’t want to waste, but don’t have the longest shelf lives.  People are about to come over, you start making the salad, and don’t have enough… turn it to dip!  Dip is party food, therefore pesto is party food.


Some people get really nuts with extending the green-things requirement.  But this recipe from Smitten Kitchen uses a ton of broccoli and that’s a plus in my house.  I feel super guilty wasting the chunky stems but I don’t want to eat them as a side veggie.  This comes to the rescue and healths up the cream sauce.  Also, this one is a rule-breaker by being nuts free, but tons of the comments mention it’s delicious with pine nuts.


Really, this is one of those things I feel great about making homemade, but it takes less time to make than it does to clean the food processor afterwards!  That works for me.

pins that make me want to party

So I might have a bit of a pinterest problem… but do you know that feeling when you see a photo and all of a sudden can see the whole event around it?  No, just me, okay.  Well, these are some pins that struck me like that.  And if you are wondering where Spring is… well, obviously it’s time to start that project!


A glamorous pre-Halloween party with dark wine and Victorian opulence.


This tricycle car wash may be for tots, but I know me and my friends could get behind a giant water party like this.

baubles on stairs

Metallics are instant holiday, like a gold shimmer dress or special candlesticks.

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