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Any of our friends can tell you, we have an embarrassingly large bar.  In our old place, it took up two hutches.  We’ve now repurposed our IKEA Expedit 2×4 as a bar instead of a sofa table and it fills the whole thing with some bottles left over on the kitchen counter.  How could we possibly have so much booze?

Well, we don’t really.  Because the bar is more than just vodka and whiskey.  I cannot resist an interesting liqueur or a new kind of gluten-free beer(it’s a hard search for the best one).  Also, we always have on hand cans or bottles of soda, so they stay as bubbly as possible.  Look for future posts as I start to experiment with our soda stream!

These non-alcoholic mixers and add-ins are absolutely key to delicious drinks, as key as high quality alcohol.  To start, I thought I’d share some of my favorites!


1.  Ok, technically this isn’t a favorite yet, but it’s on its way to us and I cannot wait!  The second I saw these featured on Furbish I knew I had to have them!  Each mixer is designed for a specific alcohol to make an instant craft cocktail, these two specifically for vodka and gin, the standbys in our house.  While I love going to a bar and getting a cocktail with housemade syrups and herbal infusions, I just can’t do that at home some nights.  Your Older Brother is for vodka, adding fir and citrus (and I love me some pine/fir/juniper flavors).  The Filthy Liar is for gin, dirtying up exoctic lychee with clove and rosemary.  A sprig of rosemary as a garnish and you are ready to relax in style!

2.  I truly can’t remember Moscow Mules (vodka+ginger beer+lime) before Fevertree Ginger Beer.  It’s so spicy!  At first it’s strange that it’s cloudy with sediment on the bottom til you realize that is real actual ginger in your bottle.  When is that time you saw that in a bottle of Seagram’s?  I only feel bad that we go through it so quickly and a bottle of Reed’s from the grocery store just isn’t the same.  Maybe I’ll have to have a direct taste test soon? (can we make a Ginger party a thing?)

3. This whole post was inspired by picking up Jack Rudy‘s tonic syrup.  I had seen it featured on other blogs and almost jumped for joy when I saw it at our local Crate and Barrel before hotfooting it to the register.  It intimidated me a bit and sat on our bar, still looking gorgeous in it’s apothecary-inspired bottle.  But then I downloaded my weekly Alton Browncast, and there was Jack Rudy (well, actually Brooks Reitz, founder of Jack Rudy and great-grand son of the company’s namesake).  Alton Brown’s straight forward recipe of 1 jigger gin + 1/2 jigger tonic syrup, add soda, emboldened me to try it out that night.  SO DELICIOUS!   Great with Justin’s vodka tonic as well.  And I’ll admit, I took a little taste of the straight syrup (it spilled!) and I am now obsessed with the idea of making some tonic sorbet.

There are so many other hidden treasures of our bar (unusual sodas are another constant impulse buy) so I will do more round-ups in the future (once I come up with a more clever name).  The husband joked that we definitely needed a cocktail feature on the blog if only to work through some of the supply!  Til next happy hour…

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